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About SOAK
Who we are, where we are...
SOAK is based in beautiful Byron Bay, renowned for its stunning scenery and its healthy, clean living lifestyle, an ideal setting for our organic and natural bath and body products.

What we wanted...
We established SOAK in our quest to continue our whole food rich, organic, natural lifestyle for ourselves and our family.

Our starting point was our belief that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

What you get...
We began by sourcing only certified organic ingredients with an emphasis on the finest quality.

Our recipes have been carefully selected and refined to provide a healthful experience.

Using ingredients often used in centuries old traditions.

We've spent time perfecting our products so you can take time creating a luxury spa treatment at home.

All our products are lovingly made in small batches to maintain their freshness.

What SOAK promises
Certified organic...
Where possible we have sourced ingredients that are certified organic to nurture and nourish the body.

We strive to ensure our products are free from harmful chemicals.

No damaging additives, preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances are added.

Natural colours, natural scents...
Our products are only fragranced by organic botanicals, oils, herbs and spices.

This leads to you experiencing a more subtle aroma similar to the scents found in nature.

Scented petals, herbs and spices in our Tea Baths and Body Oils allows you to see the source of the fragrance.

Reusable glass bottles...
We encourage you to reuse and recycle our beautiful glass jars so there is less waste once you have finished your product.

All lids and alternative packaging are also 100% recyclable.

From the Soak Byron Bay Team

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